3 Easy Ways to Clean Up Fall Leaves

The beauty of autumn leaves can quickly fade once they hit your lawn, and fallen leaves can be a major cause of pollution and flooding when not picked up. Here are three easy ideas to properly manage fallen leaves:

  1. Compost ‘em! Backyard compost is the best environmental option, and what’s more, in a few months time you’ll have fresh dirt for your spring garden. TIP: Use your lawnmower to mulch your leaves for instant landscaping use or to speed up the compositing process.

  2. Take advantage of the city’s FREE curbside pick up. Just rake your leaves to your property line by your neighborhood’s pick-up date, and they’ll take care of the rest. Click here for more details.

  3. Bag-N-Go! Use biodegradable leaf bags to pack up your leaves and put them out with your regular, weekly trash pick up.

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